Stay On Cue With Your Clients

Stay Connected with ClientsIn our messages to you, our members, often stresses the importance of staying “top of mind.” It’s crucial in an industry such as ours, where online travel agencies and other various virtual competition is always a click away, to be the first person your clients think of when they have a travel inquiry.

Our award-winning direct mail marketing program, Engagement, keeps your agency top of mind all year long by sending an array of unique offers to your client on your agency’s behalf. But there’s another level of staying in touch that you should pursue.

While Engagement puts offers in front of your clients, it’s wise to complement those offers by consistently placing something else in front of them: friendship. That’s exactly what’s newest program—On Cue—does!

Available only to members who are enrolled in Engagement Select, the On Cue program from ClientBase enables you to send your clients automatic emails, greetings and reminders throughout the year.

These emails, customized with your agency logo, address and email address, keep you top of mind in a friendly way by recognizing birthdays and anniversaries, welcoming them to the agency, thanking them for referrals and more. They act as a neighborly way to say, “Hi there. Our agency was just thinking about you.”

On Cue is able to send these emails automatically (so there’s no daily task on your part) thanks to the rich data that is captured in ClientBase, which is put to good use to keep you connected to your clients in a whole new way.

Visit for more information.

Reach Out and Engage Someone

Engagement Connects You to ClientsOne of the most important reasons why Travel Consultants are far superior to online travel sites is the personal touch you deliver to your clients. One way to make the most of this advantage is to reach out to your clients and follow up on Engagement mailers.

With Wave Season now in full force, your clients are receiving a bounty of beautiful and captivating Engagement cruise, tour and resort offers from your agency. While Engagement pieces entice your clients to contact you for more information about each offer, why not show your devotion to your best clients by proactively contacting them?

The peak time to maximize positive responses is one week after the in-home date of the mailing or e-Engagement send date. Reach out to your clients however they prefer—by phone, email, text message or social media—and let them know how much you appreciate their business.

An opening line could be: “I’m calling to thank you for being a valued client. I recently sent you a Royal Caribbean special offer because I know you and your family loved your trip on the Allure of the Seas last summer. Do you have any questions about the offer…like how you can obtain the most shipboard credit possible?”

You can retrieve your list of clients to whom you sent Engagement mailers though the Engagement Order site on Agent Universe. Engagement Select agencies can view targeted clients in ClientBase, while agencies using AgentMate should look there for their client list.

Let’s Face It—You’re No Shakespeare Agent SnapshotProfessional travel consultants like you have a wide set of skills, from accounting to detail retention, but writing may not be one of them! We get that—we understand how difficult it is for some of you to adequately express your vast experiences and love of travel in your Agent Snapshot profile.

So, because we’re and we love helping out our members more than anything else in the world, we’ll help you write that profile!

If you have started filling out your Agent Snapshot profile but have not yet finished, or if you haven’t even started yet, then please contact us at to have a professional writer create a complete and compelling profile for FREE.

The process of creating the ideal profile will take time as you work with our Profile Writer, but it will be so worth it! In the end, once we launch the new in 2015, your appealing profile will attract the ideal clients looking online for travel advice. In short, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Sooner is Better with Agent Snapshot Agent Snapshot DisneyYou know about Agent Snapshot, the FREE member benefit that drives qualified leads your way. Before it can do so, members must fill out their profiles, which will be the main feature on the re-launch of the website in 2015.

The sooner you fill out your profile the better for two huge reasons. Huge reason #1: we cannot launch the new website until we get a minimum of 300 quality profiles published.

Huge reason #2: if you complete your Agent Snapshot profile by October 31, 2014, you will be entered to win a 3-Night/4-Day stay at the Walt Disney World® Resort, including resort accommodations and 4-Day Magic Your Way Tickets with Park Hopper® option for you and up to three other Guests!

So visit the Agent Snapshot page in Agent Universe today and get started on your bio and specialties.

Three Gold, Three Silver Magellan Award Winner 2014We are proud to announce that has just been honored with six 2014 Magellan Awards—three gold, three silver—from Travel Weekly. The winning programs included the new website, the refreshed Destination Vacation design, our Culinary Collection brochure, a print ad campaign, the Distinctive Voyages brochure and a very well made Funjet Engagement piece.

The Magellan Awards include entries from top travel organizations worldwide and are judged by a panel of travel professionals, including Conference stand-out Peter Greenberg; Rudy Maxa, the PBS Host of “Rudy Maxa’s World”; and Patricia Schultz, Author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, among others. is not the only one celebrating this week. Our sister companies in the Travel Leaders Group family collectively collected 26 Magellan awards, marking the third consecutive year we’ve been honored with more than 25 awards!

When it comes down to it, this achievement springs from working our tails off to create the best tools and services for you, our members, because you deserve the very best. So we share this victory with all of you out there in Vcomland. Thank you.

Inspire Your Clients InspiredInspired, a new publication first launched in April 2014, is a stunning magazine filled with upscale vacation packages and offers. This 52-page, perfect-bound publication features a curated collection of soul-stirring journeys and, true to its name, will inspire your clients to travel.

Inspired definitely ‘speaks’ to the affluent consumer in every facet. Conceptually and visually, it’s a truly unique publication that covers every segment of travel, ensuring its significance to the select group of consumers who will receive it. When your clients are ready for your next journey to begin, Inspired will direct them to contact your agency, which is the sole call-to-action.

Inspired MagazineParticipating partners featured in the next edition of Inspired include: Celebrity Cruises, Funjet Vacations, Globus, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, Pleasant Holidays, Royal Caribbean International and Viking River Cruises, plus Distinctive Voyages and the Worldwide Hotel Program.

For those of you who placed an order, the second edition of Inspired will land in your clients’ mailboxes next month. Get ready for some inspiring calls!

Be There for Your Clients with GoSiteSee GoSiteSee GuidesAs a travel agent, you are there for your clients before, during and after their journey. Before they depart, you make their reservations, book their tickets and supply wonderful advice. After their journey, you touch back with them to answer questions and set the foundation for future bookings. But what about during?

Sure, during their vacation, you’re standing by, ready to assist them if they need your help. But that’s a passive form of service. Wouldn’t you rather be with them at their destination, actively guiding them to the sites and offering great suggestions on restaurants and shopping? With GoSiteSee, you can!

GoSiteSee mobile city guides for smartphones and tablets are packed with attraction details, restaurant reviews, personalized itineraries, interactive maps and more—and they’re branded with your agency! And best of all, GoSiteSee’s easy-to-send, easy-to-use guides are now available for 122 popular cruise and tour cities in 34 countries!

That’s right—we recently added 86 new destinations, including Auckland, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Frankfurt, Galway, Los Angeles, Lyon, Melbourne, Playa Del Carmen, Quebec and York, just to name a few.

Be there for your clients wherever they go with GoSiteSee! Click here to learn more.

One More Reason CruisePRO DollarWould you pass up a dollar you found on the sidewalk? Even though grandfather’s are fond of reminding us that a dollar doesn’t go far nowadays, that’s not entirely true. You know that every dollar counts, because they add up very quickly. So you would, most likely, stop mid-stride and pick up that lonesome dollar bill, stuff it in your pocket and keep walking with an extra pep in your step.

Now you can get that extra pep in your step every time you book a cruise. Because from now until the end of the year, you will earn $1 on every CruisePRO booking your agency makes! The more bookings you make, the more cash you receive.

This valuable incentive is just one more reason to use CruisePRO, in addition to the powerful program’s exclusive offers, robust post-booking modifications functionality, easy reporting, easy access and more as you search, sort, compare and book 13 cruise lines in one wonderful platform.

And it’s all free to members.

Learn everything you need to know about CruisePRO here.

All Aboard ConferenceIt’s official, and it’s awesome. Our 2015 International Conference & Trade Show will be held aboard Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seas.

“With record-breaking attendance surpassing 1,500 at this year’s International Conference, the energy and momentum going into our 2015 Conference is extremely high. was the first in the industry to take an annual conference of this magnitude out to sea in 2012, and we’re thrilled to offer that unique experience to our members once again aboard Royal Caribbean International’s exquisite Quantum of the Seas,” said President John Lovell–on stage with the ship’s bubbly Godmother, the Tony and Emmy Award winning Broadway, film, and television actress Kristin Chenoweth. “Year after year our Conference remains the industry’s most sought-after event, and I have every confidence that 2015 will be no exception.”

This unforgettable Conference will take place April 24 through May 2, 2015, during an eight-night sailing that will depart from Cape Liberty. members aboard the Quantum of the Seas will experience first-hand the ships newly designed staterooms, game-changing technology and a variety of first-class entertainment.

Kristin Chenoweth joins President John Lovell on stage.

Kristin Chenoweth joins President John Lovell on stage.

Full House at Caesars Palace AttendenceWe just broke a record for most Conference attendees! Our 16th International Conference & Trade Show packed more than 1,500 travel agents, industry partners and professionals into Caesars Palace this week—that’s a heck of a lot of people!

“The number of members continues to increase, so it’s no surprise that we see the momentum build with our International Conference & Trade Show. The fact that over 1,500 are in attendance at this year’s Conference is outstanding,” said President John Lovell. “As we continue to see vast changes throughout the travel industry, especially on the technology front, a larger cross-section of our members understand that by attending this annual Conference, they have countless opportunities to become better acquainted with the new technology, programs and tools that we make available to them.”

Luckily we planned ahead and packed Conference with enough classes, information and entertainment to blow the minds of 1,500-plus people.

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